Uncovered cover
Uncovered (2020)

Pelicans cover
Pelicans (2020)
Urban Groove cover
Urban Groove (2020)
Looking For You cover
Looking For You (2021)
Under The Loop cover
Under The Loop (2023)

Vocals and Guitar (1981-1992)

Shamrock cover
Shamrock (L'Attentat, 1985)
King of the Neighborhood cover
King of the Neighborhood (L'Attentat, 1986)
Heartbreaking Stories cover
Heartbreaking Stories (L'Attentat, 1988)
Hell or High Water cover
Hell or High Water (L'Attentat, 1989)
Making It Up cover
Making It Up (L'Attentat, 1990)
Big Love Time cover
Big Love Time (L'Attentat, 1992)
Papparazzi Stake Out cover
Papparazzi Stake Out (Koster, 1995-2002)

Highway Swim cover
Highway Swim (L'Attentat, 1983)
Lost Son Blues cover
Lost Son Blues (L'Attentat, 1986)
Everything cover
Everything (L'Attentat, 1988)
Drink For Me cover
Drink For Me (L'Attentat, 1989)

Drums (1983-1985)

Shocking Shades of Claw Boys Claw cover
Shocking Shades of Claw Boys Claw (1984)
Now! cover
Now! (Claw Boys Claw, 1985)
Claw Boys Claw 3-in-1 cover
Claw Boys Claw 3-in-1 (1987)

So Mean cover
So Mean
(Claw Boys Claw, 1985)
Indian Wallpaper cover
Indian Wallpaper
(Claw Boys Claw, 1985)

Production (1983-1992, incomplete)

Kobus gaat naar Appelscha cover
Leave This World..... (Kobus gaat naar Appelscha, 1985)
Scream and Shout cover
Scream and Shout
(The Slumbers, 1987)
She's Alright cover
She's Alright
(Ze Noiz, 1989)
Funfair in Storyville cover
Funfair in Storyville
(The Jayhawkers, 1986)
We're The Teenage Lovers cover
We're The Teenage Lovers
(The Paranoiacs, 1987)
Sometimes Teenage is Spelt T.N.T. cover
Sometimes Teenage is Spelt T.N.T.
(The Paranoiacs, 1987)

Lucky You cover
Lucky You (The Spanks, 1990)
The Beast of Claw Boys Claw cover
The Beast of Claw Boys Claw (1988)
Hitkillers cover
Hitkillers (Claw Boys Claw, 1988)
Dracula/The Rose cover
Dracula/The Rose
(Claw Boys Claw, 1989)
Zinkt cover
Zinkt (Klinkhamer, 1995)