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Following a long career in the ‘80s and ‘90s as singer and guitarist of L’Attentat and drummer of Claw Boys Claw, Allard J.J. rebooted his career in 2020 with his first solo album ‘Uncovered’. Now he is back with his second album, ‘Under The Loop’. The title track is also featured as the first single, release due November 11th 2022. Allard J.J.’s music is as always flavoured with a taste of classic rock ‘n’ roll, garage rock, pub rock, and glamrock. With the help of Hans ten Velden, John Cameron, Jeroen Kleijn, Rob de Weerd and Johnny Vain, the album has turned into a true sample card of what can be achieved with simple rock and roll. The songs deal with longing, belonging and the importance of memories; no boundaries, no compromises.