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Following a long career in the ‘80s and ‘90s as singer and guitarist of L’Attentat and drummer of Claw Boys Claw, Allard J.J. (Allard Jolles) picks up the torch after a 20-year break with his first solo album, Uncovered. Pelicans is his first single since 1989. Uncovered, released August 7, 2020, is an album with 14 beautiful songs; songs that convey the story of his present-day life. His solo debut is by far his most honest and personal record. Open, unmasked, nothing concealed behind vague metaphors, the listener is treated with uptempo rock and roll.

Allard J.J.’s inspired lyrics are precisely intonated, with a taste of classic rockabilly, garage rock, pub rock, and glamrock. The ’70s are never far away and, with the help of Hans ten Velden, John Cameron, Jeroen Kleijn (both active members of Claw Boys Claw), and Paul Geelen, a true sample card of unprejudiced feel good music has been established.

Allard is happy with this record, really happy, and he is proud of it, seriously proud. This is rock ‘n’ roll in a way it doesn’t seem to have been made for a while but should’ve been made - just as it should be. This is a record without concessions.